Your advanced order is good for our management, moreover it will benefit both of us and our planet.

Everyday ingredients – Our ingredients are directly delivered from farm daily. Planning helps us manage supply chain smoothly for the freshness of our products which will be good for everyone’s consume.

Reduce wastes – Environmental sustainability has become more essential for this planet nowadays, what we could help is to reduce wastes and utilize resources to reach maximum outcome. At the same time, this would help us offer the best quality salad with reasonable price for our valued customers.

Full of nutrients – Our salad cooked from our kitchen within 3 hours before arriving to you, so you can be ensured for the freshness and nutrients contain in our salad

  • If you order our salads by 4.00 PM (TH Time) any day, you will get our salads delivered in next 2 days afterwards.
  • If you order our salads AFTER 5.00 PM (TH Time) any day , you will get our salads delivered in next 3 days afterwards.

Sample :

  1. Order at 4 PM on Monday ,you will get our salads on Wednesday at any time from 8 AM onwards.
  2. Order at 4.01 PM on Monday , you will get our salads on Thursday from 8 AM onwards.

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We can deliver within Bangkok and vicinity with real delivery fare. For any other area, please contact info@www.gleansalad.com

If the customer cannot accept the product by yourself, you can allow others to get your salads on behalf of you, but please try to inform us prior.

Those who eat vegetarian can select from the menu with VEGAN symbol.

At this time, customers not be able to change the order details. We will be soon available to open full functions.

Money transfer via mobile application, website, credit card and debit card

We seriously strict to remain our best quality every box, so if we have already received full order each day, be sure that it is like LIMITED edition. We will not make it over capacity to break our standard. We would like to apologize you for any inconvenience in advance.