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Provides healthiness to Bangkokian by delivering high quality delicious salad with reasonable price


As a businessman who loves to eat and at the same time is willing to be healthy, Co-founder and I try to find good quality salad. Unfortunately, they are always so expensive for everyday meal!

So we aim to make salad that has good quality, tasty flavor, and convenient access. At the same time everyone can enjoy it with reasonable price!

Although, we have always been told that “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. Well, that maybe true, but for us we believe that “We can provide a good quality salad in reasonable price with just a little bit of your effort”.

By being able to do so we need to manage and optimize every of our operation steps and at the same time manage our ingredients from advance order

Your plan can help us manage and make the best quality salad with reasonable price possible! “So, let’s plan it a bit for getting a lot more”



A will for healthiness

We have a will making people living healthy and lively. Healthiness does not come only from food-consumption, but also comes from exercising and well-being.


Cook like what we do for our family

Every process is well-taken care by chef’s dedication like we cook for our family. Our quality is uncompromised.



We trust in sustainability all loops including supply chain for less energy, but best outcome



Every Decision we made is good for majority in many perspectives for long term growth.


Innovation drive

In this rapid world, innovation becomes more essential. For better world, we do not only focus on product, but also in every aspect.


Creative is matter

We believe that creative makes difference, yet difference makes better. So we are very opened for new creative styles of menu to makes our colorful lives more dashing.

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